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Wish List

Ponderosa Connection is always in need of a variety of items to help maintain the facility and care for the animals.

Because ponies and rescues usually come with higher maintenance needs and often chronic health conditions, there are always items needed to provide for their comfort, care, and general well being.  There are also items needed for the safety, comfort and enjoyment of our visitors and program participants.  


These items can be donated in-kind or through gift certificates. Gift certificates to the major suppliers we use most frequently are a great way to donate and support Ponderosa Connection at the same time. It also allows us to get what we may need at the time.   Here are links to our favourites:  



Co-op Agro


Items Needed (new or in good used condition):

Vet warp

Gauze (Cotton Roll)

Syringes 10, 12 or 21 mil

Goat Supplement

Farrier Services and Supplies

Equine Chiropractic and Massage Treatments



Salt blocks

Rolled Oats

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

Seed plant screenings (suitable for goats)

Slow Feeding Hay Nets – varies sizes required

Hay (suitable for horses) – Square or Round Bales

Alfalfa (suitable for goats) – Square or Round Bales

Straw – Square or Round Bales

Corral Panels and gates

Fence Posts

Corral Boards – 2x6 in 12’ and 16’ lengths

Feed pans for grain

Wheel barrel


Hay Rake

Hay Fork

Printer paper

Name Badges for participants


Used Truck and Trailer

Coverall Building – Temporary Arena

Indoor Arena

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