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All programs at Ponderosa Connection are
Pay What You May. At the time of booking we can discuss what exchange aligns for you...

Crystal will come to you & your group/event at the location of your choice and facilitate the following 90 minute workshops...

Vision Boarding

Maximize your manifestation powers and pollinate your wishes with Law Of Attraction in this 90 minute creative, dreaming visioning workshop. Using scissors and a glue stick you will plant your dream seeds by focusing on what you want, gluing those images, colours, textures to the board and then trusting in divine powers and timing to take care of the rest. This is a great workshop for multiple generations to partake in, takes no artistic experience or know-how and can be a very powerful tool for creating your own dream reality through self-expression and self-exploration. Click here to see some examples!

Mala Making

Come build a mala together! Mala is a yogic tradition to practice reciting mantras during meditation. It is a string of 108 beads (which is an angel number:) and denotes the full cycle of repetitions intended to help shift your current mindset to deep soul connection. Having your own mala will help give you a clear focus to drift into a deep and healing meditation space. No need to be religious or have any religious connection...just embrace whom and where you are currently. An easy, calm and simple practice...curb the monkey mind and clear a pathway to your higher self and let it lead you to your inner enlightenment!

Journaling & Prayer Power

Learn more about yourself and your inner world. Transferring your thoughts, fantasies, worries or dreams onto the page is an act of alchemy, which transforms the nature of your mind and assists with manifesting it into the material a sense creating your own reality. Writing your prayers down gives you a tangible way to connect to God & helps you turn your fears into feathers. We all deal with negative thoughts...use this session to spin those negative thoughts into positive affirmations - bringing greater focus and inner inspiration and concentrated clarity. Gratitude journals & releasing practices are all beneficial and can greatly enhance your everyday experience by putting your mind, heart and soul to rest so you can carry on your day with ease & flow.

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