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Our Nature Programs

Ponderosa Connection is a countryside facility, located on the outskirts of Moose Jaw, offering Nature Based Activities suitable for all ages and stages of life.  Unique care-farm experience offers interactive learning focused on people connecting with nature, animals and themselves. We foster a safe and mindful environment for individuals and teams to develop valuable life skills.


Wellness Workshops

Length: 2 hours

Prices vary depending on workshop

Available for private groups and organizations, Crystal offers the facilitation of various workshops including Care-Farm Fun Time, Vision Boarding, Mindful Practices, Meditation, Reiki/Crystals/Essential Oils, Grounding Practices to name a few. These workshops can be co-hosted with other wellness facilitators and/or customized to fit your future event.

Wellness Workshop

Ranch Camp (Temp On Hold)

Length: 6 hours


Ideal for 4-12 participants

Ranch Camp is a day camp that was created with an emphasis on collaboration, cooperation and community. Often offered as a Community Youth Program, Ranch Camp offers individuals a sense of purpose, personal empowerment and self-discernment. This interactive experience also incorporates the fundamental components of the BuildingBlock (TM) program which encourages team building and the development of essential life skills using nature based activities. 

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