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King's Story

King is a 25 year old quarter horse who came to stay at Ponderosa Connection Care Farm in the summer of 2020. King has had a good life, one filled with kind treatment and respect. He spent most of his life as a ladies riding horse, but when that lady got older and was unable to continue giving him the care he needed, he went to live at Zia Horse Rescue and Animal Sanctuary owned and operated by Judith Graile in Manitoba. This is where King began his retirement.

Then, this past summer, after connecting with Judith and the important work she is doing, and after two visits to her sanctuary to visit with the horses, King came to be a part of our family here at Ponderosa Connection. During a meditation this summer, a visual came of the horses lining up in front of me, making themselves known. Then at one of the visits, after taking all the lead ropes off of the horses, I stood and held the intention that the "right" horse for me would make themselves known to me in their own time. And, lo and behold, King made his way over to me, stopping only when his head was directly in front of my belly! It seemed clear to me, and the others witnessing, that King was my answer.

It also became clear, however, that King had a special connection to one other horse, Akilah. And I am proud to say that we were able to make it so Akilah could also join us - and King - here in Saskatchewan. Now, they are enjoying a purpose-filled working retirement together, and bringing joy and guidance to all the humans both big and small that come out to work with them. 

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