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Chakra Wisdom

An interactive session which leads you through the seven major chakras, energy balancing, setting intentions and using intuition.  Not only will our equine coaches teach you essential life skills, but you will also be given tips and tricks on how to apply them to everyday life.  This hands-on energy healing will bring you inner peace, energy alignment, and chakra balancing.  The building block format provides an opportunity to learn, develop and integrate essential skills with ease.  This program can be scheduled weekly, biweekly, monthly or you can compress the full 8 sessions into an intensive one time retreat to cover all the bases quickly.

Special credit given to the creator of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle

Cards, Tori Hartman. We are honoured to use these cards in this program,

and highly recommended them to all seekers.

What is revealed, can be healed...



1. Introduction


We will begin with an introduction to Equine Guided Coaching, intuition, energy and chakras. We will then have hands-on time becoming familiar with safe horse handling, and in the arena applying what we have learned in the session.We will end the session integrating everything we learned in an intensive journalling exercise. 

2. Root Chakra


Building off of everything we learned in the Introduction, with a focus on the Root Chakra. Root Chakra is our life force and source of grounding. It allows our intuition to be our guide.

3. Sacral Chakra


Expanding our knowledge, we focus on the Sacral Chakra. The Sacral Chakra helps us learn to observe our emotions, which opens us up to creating more flow and order.

4. Solar Plexus Chakra

Using what we have already covered, we now focus on the Solar Plexus Chakra which explores our thought processes. It is all about intellect and wisdom.

5. Heart Chakra


The Heart Chakra explores the wisdom of the heart, which we will apply to everything we have already covered. This one is about love. 

6. Throat Chakra


Again, further expanding our knowledge, we learn about the Throat Chakra which focuses on finding ways to express ourselves. This is about communication and power.

7. Brow Chakra


This is about seeing the unseen and learning to see without sight. The Brow Chakra celebrates imagination. 

8. Crown Chakra


Wrapping up our major chakras, we will use the understanding of the Crown Chakra to embrace the spirit of universal consciousness. 

In This Program We Will Cover...

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