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All programs at Ponderosa Connection are
Pay What You May. At the time of booking we can discuss what exchange aligns for you...

The following offerings can take place in your home location/location of your choice, or at our care-farm location...

Reiki With Animal Wisdom

This is not the reiki you traditionally may expect. Usui Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique (reiki translated as universal life energy system of natural healing, and usui being a way of working with reiki for healing of self and others). Here at Ponderosa Connection you have two options: book a session where Crystal will come to your location & will customize a session to suit your fur-partner's needs. Another option is for you to meet Crystal at her care-farm location for your own personalized Reiki session -  which involves the integration of our animal-partners. 

Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls

Having a session with the bowls combines sound healing with Crystal energy healing at a cellular. The singing tones create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibrational frequencies. Benefits of a crystal bowl session include cleansing and clearing negative energies, reducing stress and anxiety, deep relaxation and pain relief, calms overactive adrenals and monkey mind, balances/clears/cleanses chakras, and generally increases mental & emotional healing. Come and sit with Crystal and her Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls and enjoy more harmony in your mind, body and soul as you experience increased clarity and understanding.

Oracle/Tarot Reading

This is a session to book when you are seeking a simple and useful guide when needing more clarity to situations and experiences in your life. Readings are a fun and practical approach to tapping into your inner knowing and utilizing your intuition which is just waiting for your invitation. Oracle brings information and messages from the universe, and tarot brings in details and intuitive insight. Combining these modalities will help bring greater insight and clarity on current situations, honour your intuition and forecast potential outcomes.

Meditation & Breathwork

Breathwork is active breathing with the benefits of utilizing breath as a tool for self healing. Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance which benefits your emotional, physical and mental well being, helping to improve overall health. Breathwork added with the mindful practice of meditation can help with acute stress response, turning off the fight or flight switch which can divert health problems associated with chronic stress. The blend is a simple, easy and fast way to bring you a sense of clarity, connection and peace. A natural remedy for stress, anxiety & mental overload that is available to you anytime and a session today and add this useful tool to your wellness practice.

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