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Our Discovery Programs

Utilizing the guidance of our wise four-legged team members, our various Discovery Programs - as stand alone programs or extended package courses - promise personal transformation and team evolution. With an emphasis on collaboration, communication and cooperation, any of the options below focus on development, be it personal or professional. Experience Animal Assisted Learning with our Horns 'n Hooves programs and Equine Assisted Learning with our Horse Wisdom programs.

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Sessions are 2 hours in length


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Stand Alone Programs


Hooves 'N Horns

Ideal for 1-12 participants

Crystal will facilitate a fun and eye-opening session with our little leaders (goats, donkey and mini-pony). Your time will be spent connecting with the animals and learning the basics of care. These sessions can be great for team building goals, general stress reduction or even just the curious joy of being around our smallest teachers. An excellent option for small children, families, home schooling groups, and  seniors.

Horse Wisdom

Ideal for 1-4 participants

Discover your authentic True North Star by engaging in one our versatile personal development programs that pairs you one-on-one with a horse teacher/guide. Our trusted four-legged life coach/advisors will facilitate your emotional and spiritual healing, promote team work, and support you with your self-discovery, personal evaluation and creative reflection. We have different programming options to suit your needs, be it as an individual, group or small team. 



Extended Packaged Programs

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BuildingBlock (tm)

Length: 12 sessions

Ideal for 1-8 participants

If you are looking for a unique experience where you and/or your team can spend time together with our Equine teachers to further explore the benefit of healthy group dynamics and to encourage leadership at all levels, our BuildingBlock(tm) program will be an excellent fit. This Equine Assisted Learning program will increase morale and engagement amongst your team that we can happily customize to meet your/your organization's goals. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHAT EACH OF THE TWELVE BLOCK/SESSIONS WILL COVER...


Journey To Joy

Length: 8 sessions 

Ideal for 1-4 participants

Open your mind, body and soul to an equine guided journey to an interactive program which leads you through the seven major chakras, energy balancing, setting intentions and using intuition.  Our equine coaches will teach you essential life skills and tips and tricks on how to apply them to everyday life. This program can be scheduled weekly, biweekly, monthly or you can schedule the full 8 sessions into an intensive one time retreat to cover all the bases quickly. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT WHAT EACH SESSION WILL COVER...

Journey To Joy
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