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Journey To

Open your mind, body and soul to an equine guided journey to enlightenment!



1. Journey To Love


Life is a highway! In this first session, after we touch base and check in, we will set the intention to look at what transitions might lead to your transformation and liberation. We all deserve to live the life we desire, but to do that we must overcome our limitations. The horse teachers and our 6 Pillars Of Power will help get you there.


2. Journey To Joy


The second time we meet, we will look at building inner balance. To do this, our horse teachers will help you to practice presence, align with your purpose, balance the dualities that naturally exist in our lives, and go from production flow to free flow.


3. Journey To Peace


We like to describe this session as Peaceful Prayers With Pony Partners. In this session we will strive to fill your inner cup, focus on our bodies as a temple for our souls (Eden), and open up to the loving embrace of Mother Nature & Earth as it is exists in harmony and balance.


4. Journey To Enlightenment


In our final session, we will bring all three - Love, Joy and Peace - together into a divine upliftment. When you leave this program you will be filled with a renewed life force energy & feel a sense of wholeness as you reclaim your soul fragments.

This Program Will Cover...

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