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Commitment Form

To be signed by all those attending or participating in any events or programs hosted at Ponderosa Connection Wellness Center Ltd.

I understand and recognize there are certain risks and dangers associated when working with livestock in general, as well as in a controlled environment.

I acknowledge that being in close proximity to horses is a dangerous activity and that all horses can act in a sudden and unpredictable manner.

I hereby acknowledge all associated risks that have been explained to me.

Under these conditions and after inquiry, I realize the completeness of Ponderosa Connection efforts to maintain safety for all concerned and am wholly satisfied with their efforts.

I will faithfully adhere to all safety instructions and recommendations provided to me by Ponderosa Connection, whether oral or written on Ponderosa Connection premises.

I further agree to use and care for all Ponderosa Connection animals to the best of my ability and will immediately report any injury of myself or animal to a Ponderosa Connection worker.

I understand that anyone failing to comply with these safety standards and expectations will be asked to leave.

Farm Rules:
I acknowledge that the permission and presence of a Ponderosa Connection worker is required prior to engaging with the animals. I further agree to these expectations and conditions:

  • I am responsible and liable for any personal items I bring to the farm

  • Ponderosa Connection will not claim liability for any lost or damaged personal items

  • No mobile devices are allowed during our youth programs (Ranch Camp, etc.) – please leave your devices at home

  • In the Arena: No Mobile Devices!

  • No Smoking, no lighters or matches allowed

  • Opening or entering a gate or pen without permission is strictly prohibited!

  • Never approach an animal outside of the pens or when being transported to/from the arena

  • Quiet and calm energy is required when working around the animals - No running, screaming or jumping

  • Engage in a respectful manner towards all animals, property and visitors of Ponderosa Connection

    • Meaning; If you make a mess, clean it up - If you borrow it, return it - If you open it, close it - If you move it, put it back - If you turn it on, turn it off - If you break it, tell someone


Dress Code:
Dress in clothing suitable and comfortable to work around horses (t-shirt and jeans are ideal). Equine facilities can be dirty and a tough environment. Wear clothing your comfortable getting dirty. Anything baggy or dangling is a hazard as they as they could get caught or hung up in something causing injury to you or others.

  • Wear comfortable fitting clothes which are appropriate to working around animals (Nothing dangling or baggy)

  • Shoes must be worn at all times (runners or boots are ideal)

  • In the Arena: Closed toed shoes are a mandatory – NO OPEN TOED SHOES!


I understand that the rules and boundaries outlined at Ponderosa Connection are intended to keep myself, the animals and everyone else safe.

If I choose to disregard these instructions it puts unnecessary risk unto others at Ponderosa Connection and will result in being asked to leave.

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