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Focused on personal, professional and spiritual development utilizing Equine Assisted Learning, Ponderosa Connection offers a unique

experience for people to learn and play in a team dynamic to connect with nature, animals and themselves.





Ponderosa Connection fosters a safe and mindful environment to develop valuable life skills such as: Active Listening, Articulation, Body Language, Communication, Focus, Collaboration, Relationship Building, Negotiation, Trust, and Problem Solving. These skills are essential to develop and maintain healthy relationships, strong bonds and authentic communication.  We offer these skill development programs alongside our horse teachers who encourage, support and empower individual and team growth.

Equine Assisted Learning is an experiential style of learning which facilitates developing life skills through positive interactions with horses.  Experiential learning has been termed “the natural way of learning” and stimulates all senses and learning styles.  Individuals work within a team dynamic to complete objectively driven exercises designed to encourage self-awareness, esteem and confidence.  Essential life skills are developed by working with horses through ground work – no riding or horse experience necessary! The learner based lessons are validated through hands-on experience, personal reflection and self-evaluation.  Equine Assisted Learning is a mindful journey guided by an equine personal coach, horse wisdom and energy medicine and fosters personal growth through discovery, nature and animals.

"When you touch one thing with deep

awareness, you touch everything."

- Lao Tzu 




Crystal is a horse lover, nature enthusiast and is passionate about teaching about horses. Her love of horses began at an early age and she was riding before she could walk. Throughout Crystal's childhood, she helped on her grandmother's farm which included training, rehabilitating and caring for ponies. She also coordinated and taught a youth 4-H Summer Riding Camp. In her spare time she would be riding ponies with her cousins in horse shows, ditches and trail rides.


Crystal obtained her Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator Certification in 2018, and that inspired her to begin her passion project, Ponderosa Connection. Ponderosa Connection provides an opportunity to combine her love for horses with a vested interest in personal development, continuous improvement and servicing the community she lives in.



Our Equine Assisted Learning programs promise personal transformation, spiritual growth and team evolution. Certain programs are even mobile-ready and are able to come to you and your animals. These versatile programs utilize the guidance from equine teachers and can be done one-on-one, though it is even more powerful with two or more participants. With an emphasis on building better relationships - be it with yourself or those around you - any of the options below will enhance collaboration, communication and cooperation. 

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Individual Programs

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